27. July 2021.


Alta Casa Catalogue
17. October 2019.


SAHMATIK d.o.o. from Stare Pazove We are looking for a strategic partner for joint investments in widening our production and in providing new products and services. These are the possibilities that we can offer to our new strategic partners: Recapitalization of the company. Joined founding in building new production facilities. Joined […]
28. September 2018.


We wish to inform our clients, business partners and the business community that we have launched a new media under the name of the BUSINESS PARTNERS TV. As a part of the expansion and further development of the project “The Business Partners from Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia”, we […]
3. September 2018.

Foreword to Business Catalogue 2018 / 2019

SERIOUS INVESTMENTS FOR THE BETTER FUTURE Last year, thanks to the help of the Government of Republika Srpska and “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske“, we implemented a project of a new electro-filter plant whose construction led to the emission of solid particles below the strict European ecological norms. In this company, our […]
17. November 2017.

Diabetes – a hidden enemy of business people

Daily work obligations, for most people who are engaged in business, long-term sitting, stress, overtime, insufficient physical activity, tension, worries, poor nutrition … All of these, at the same time, are the causes of various diseases, including diabetes. Long-term sitting – at the table, in front of the computer … […]
10. October 2017.

Foreword to business catalogue 2017 / 2018 – Mr Siniša Milić

The Brčko District of BiH is a multicultural city with independent legislative, executive and judicial power. The commitment of the Government of the Brčko District of BiH is, to attract a large number of foreign investors through quality programs and create such a business environment that would enable the city […]
4. January 2017.

Foreword to business catalogue 2016 / 2017 – Mr Milan J. Mihajlović

And when we think that some things change slowly and that everything is the same, “Business partners …” are processing us with a new catalog. As the children rejoice in gifts under the tree, we adults, business people, we look forward to this new catalog, which encourages us to start […]
15. February 2016.

Why invest in the Republic of Srpska

Favorable geographical position in terms of proximity to the EU Macroeconomic stability Favorable treatment of foreign investors Stimulating tax policy Positive attitude towards foreign direct investment Free access to the markets of Southeast Europe and the EU Long tradition of industrial production Large number of available industrial zones, attractive locations […]
29. September 2015.

INNDEX – browser for smart phones for cities of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Company EuroComp Computer Systems AB from Gothenburg, Sweden www.eurocomp.org, together with partner company from Belgrade, Inndex Media d.o.o. www.inmedia.rs, implements project of Balkans browser INNDEX, designed for smart phones and tablets, for cities and municipalities of Srbia and BiH (RS and Federation). We implement this great project in stages by […]
24. November 2014.

Foreword to business catalogue 2014 / 2015 – Anto Domić, dr.med. – Mayor of Brcko District

It is well known that the basic motif of business entities is finding of new markets and existence on them, and gaining of profit. It is obvious that inrecent “Business Catalogue” supports entrepreneurs in the region by “gathering” at one place, companies from economic and public sector of Bosnia and […]
27. October 2014.

HGK Zagreb about the project “BusinessPartners”

After presentation of the project “Business partners” to Mr. Zlatan Fröhlich, President of Croatian Chamber of Commerce Zagreb, we received an answer and opinion of esteemed gentleman as we present below: DearMr. Jovicic, Thank you on the letter and description of activities regarding the project “Business Partners”. I consider this […]
29. July 2014.

Brabo roof windows for global market

Brabo started with operation and technical-technological preparation in 1988. In selection of program, among other, the roof window was selected due to variety of its preparation. The ideas primarily was to make a products which is by its property a complex, and the challenge was the fact that the roof […]
8. May 2014.

Smart phones in the service of towns and municipalities

Android application for smart phones in the service of more quality performance of local self-government, towns and municipalities in the region. Considering that the market of smart phones is in continuous expansion and that smart phones based on Android operation system cover over 70% of that market, as in Serbia […]
9. March 2014.

Psychological counseling – integral part of the modern business

Why psychologist? I can talk with someone at my home. It is nice to have someone at home you can talk with or communicate. Indeed, conversation with psychologist has its characteristics and certain advantages in comparison with chat or serious private conversation with someone. What is similar to private conversation? […]
10. October 2013.

Investors Guide – Brcko District Government

Our town was always a town of wise people who with their visions and actions, without a doubt, led to its great prosperity during 18th and 19th century, which was primarily based on development of education, culture and economy. On these values, which Brcko has developed for over three hundred […]