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27. October 2014.
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29. September 2015.

Foreword to business catalogue 2014 / 2015 – Anto Domić, dr.med. – Mayor of Brcko District


It is well known that the basic motif of business entities is finding of new markets and existence on them, and gaining of profit.

It is obvious that inrecent “Business Catalogue” supports entrepreneurs in the region by “gathering” at one place, companies from economic and public sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia and recently Republic Croatia as well.

Economy of Brcko District takes prominent place in “Catalogue” this year too. It is an indicator that previous cooperation with leaders of the project “Business partners” was successful and that only valuable things survive.

Brcko is city with improved business environment, on attractive position, with good infrastructure, ambitious entrepreneurs and hard working people. Irrespective to economical difficulties and natural catastrophes which affected our region, Brcko District BiH will offer new opportunities for successful business. One of them is construction of new industrial and economic zone in cooperation with European Union, in town suburb, covering 34.6 ha.

I am pleased with a fact that every day we are being aware that, for economic prosperity, is necessary to eliminate all barriers and limitation economic prosperity, which restrained us in last two decades to achieve better results.

It is a luxury for our entrepreneurs to waist even a day by missing the opportunities for prosperity.

Additional quality of „Catalogue” of this year is participation of business entities from Republic of Croatia the new member of European Union. Experience of companies from Slovenia, and now from Croatia, could initiate new ideas and encourage us to be more creative and more ready for global market competition.

Life itself is created to be uncertain. Economy itself is a sphere where instability easy appears. Therefore we have to arrange our lives to feel good and to encourage operation of the company in a way which should lead to benefits and positive effects for buyers of products and services, state and business partners.

Therefore I recommend you to have this “Catalogue” handy for organization of successful operations, initiation of new entrepreneurial ideas and, in general, prior any business activity.

Anto Domić, dr.med.
Mayor of Brcko District BiH

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