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10. October 2017.
Foreword to Business Catalogue 2018 / 2019
3. September 2018.

Diabetes – a hidden enemy of business people

Daily work obligations, for most people who are engaged in business, long-term sitting, stress, overtime, insufficient physical activity, tension, worries, poor nutrition …

All of these, at the same time, are the causes of various diseases, including diabetes.

Long-term sitting – at the table, in front of the computer … is implied. As a person sits less burning fats in his body, they settle down in the blood vessels. In inactive muscles, the insulin cells do not respond properly, so they suffer from the pancreas.

Studies done by the Washington Post in 2014 have shown that long-term seating increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer … Excessive sitting causes leg problems, poor circulation, bone density decreases, spine and neck problems occur. CONCLUSION: “People who sit a lot have twice as much chance as those who are on the move to get some kind of cardiovascular disease.”

Stress at work provokes the pressure that the job must end quickly – immediately, dissatisfaction did, disappointment in results, sense of vulnerability and humiliation, involuntary (forced) completion of jobs, a danger of loss of capital, sense of injustice, job insecurity …

The response to stress depends on a lot of factors: psychophysical constitutions, inherited tendencies, upbringing, work (some are always stressful), dealing with the person, the current state of health …

Numerous studies have shown:

  • That traumas and conflicts at work (as well as family conflicts) increase the risk of deterioration of health by about 90%.
  • The feeling of injustice at work (especially if it comes from an employer) increases the risk of health problems by about 50% …

The same atmosphere for different people works differently. Some react explosively, think losers are down-limits, etc. Others react calmly and in the most difficult circumstances, expecting that their work (and life) will soon bring about something nice. Still, stress does not please anyone, everyone has bad consequences – some less, some more, some and tragic.

Overtime involves both previous factors: long sitting and stress, thus significantly increasing the risk of various health problems, especially from stroke and heart attack.

Excessive work inevitably leads to stress and negatively affects health. Studies from the University College in London have shown that people who have been working for more than 55 hours per week have a nearly 33% higher risk of stroke than those who work 40 hours a week, have a 13% higher risk of infant … British newspaper Lanset (Lancet ) 2015 announced that people who work 48 hours a week have a 10% higher risk of stroke, and for those who work 54 hours the risk is 27% higher. Dr. Ralph Sacco, a neurologist (president of the American Heart Association), says: “People who are under stress can have high blood pressure, and therefore increase their risk of heart disease and stroke. Stress can increase the risk of depression, and depression increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. ”

If everything is so (and is), what and how can DIJABEL help the businessmen?

  • During 2015 and 2016, we also did scientific research and surveyed 150 people who used Diabetes for 7 weeks.
  • Even 85% said she felt better. So: with less seating, less stress and less effort, they ended their daily tasks.
  • More than 63% of respondents said that their work capacity was increased, 49% sleep better … So Diabel prevented the blood vessels from circulating fat and other harmful substances, which led to increased work capacity and other health benefits.
  • When a person feels better, he means that he is not in stress, so he accomplishes his tasks easier, faster, and more successfully.

It also gave us the strength to make even better Diabel. Cimet extract (1:10) was added, which has proven to have an effect on the reduction of blood sugar and cholesterol and increased the percentage of Alpha-lipoic acid.


Milivoje Tomašević
Director – Telemedicina d.o.o.

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