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Foreword to business catalogue 2017 / 2018 – Mr Siniša Milić

The Brčko District of BiH is a multicultural city with independent legislative, executive and judicial power. The commitment of the Government of the Brčko District of BiH is, to attract a large number of foreign investors through quality programs and create such a business environment that would enable the city to flourish through economic growth and growth in the number of employees.

Stimulating legal regulations allow domestic and foreign companies to invest in all branches of the economy and to transfer all financial and other assets including profit and dividends. numerous tax and non-tax reliefs, which are legally guaranteed in the Brčko District of BiH.

Also, one of the benefits that adorns our local community are numerous tax and non-tax reliefs, which are legally guaranteed in the Brčko District of BiH.

Support is not declarative, which is best proven by the fact that it is translated into several important laws that guarantee the investors what is established by political conclusions. By creating a political and economic environment, which was exclusive to the rest of the state, we were interested in dozens of serious investors, although there were also several significant initial ventures, of which investors have given up or are, as we believe, in a temporary standstill.

The permanent goal of the Brčko District of BiH is to be a partner of the business community and to become even more recognizable as the center of successful business ventures and cooperation between domestic and foreign businessmen and companies.

The Brčko District of BiH is a fully legally secure and business-oriented environment, and the laws are fully harmonized with the laws of the European Union. Brcko District is a special geographical area, spatially and naturally determined by its own administrative unit, cultural elements and economy.

The Brčko District of  BiH is among the first in BiH has embarked on strategic development planning and has shown a high level of consensus, political culture, business and responsible public action.

Mr Siniša Milic Mayor of the Brčko District

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