26. December 2019.



AgroTECH PMD d.o.o. headquartered in Tresnjevac, Serbia, was founded in 2008. Agrotech represents brands such as: STEYR, Armatrac, FLIEGL, HE-VA, Versatile, Rostselmash, Sulky, Idrofoglia, Berthoud, Horsch, McHale, Ma/Ag, Gregoire Besson, Faresin, T-L, Mazzotti itd.

With our sales volume, we have positioned ourselves on the market as one of the leading suppliers of agricultural equipment in Serbia. Primarily, our valued customers contributed to this because they recognized the quality, knowledge and effort we put into making the equipment we sell become part of their farm.

The Agrotech sales team is comprised of salespeople who are highly skilled in the field, dedicated to their always-on-customer customers.

An essential part is the service department and the spare parts department which is also expertly trained and equipped to solve any problem, to keep the machines running long and safely.Post sales activities are an incredibly important segment of our business, helping us to attract even more satisfied customers.

All services are performed as soon as possible after the failure is reported, not only for the brands we represent, but also for other manufacturers. This also applies to spare parts.We are regular guests at all European and world fairs where we are always looking for news in the field of agriculture, which is our primary activity but also other branches related to land cultivation, animal husbandry, utilities.

We are among the pioneers in Serbia in introducing precision agriculture in an increasing number of farms. We sell and maintain precision agriculture systems and put great effort into educating customers to work with these systems as high as possible.

In addition to the sale and maintenance of machinery, Agrotech is able to provide its partners with adequate financing through banks or leasing companies.

Our mission is to sell and provide top-level post-sales services in accordance with the standards of our world-renowned and recognized suppliers.

The satisfaction of our customers is what also makes us happy!

Our vision is to be at the very top of our offer in the domestic market, to be recognized by our current and potential customers as a partner we can always rely on, which, by quality, expertise and prices, enables us to be part of a premium story through our cooperation with us!


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Agrotech PMD doo
Topolski put 2., 24426 Trešnjevac
tel.: 024 224 224
faks: 024 224 224

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