What is the Business Partners project and who is it for?

“Business Partners from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia” is a project for integration of commercial entities. It is designed for companies that want to expand their business beyond the borders of the countries to which they belong, and to find business partners in the region, and thus establish new business contacts, expand their markets, and achieve better placement of goods or services. Lately, there are many municipalities and cities from the region in our project, offering mainly their industrial zones, where the infrastructure area and brought to the level of investment for potential investors.

Project references

So far, our services were used by more then 750 enterprises, municipalities and cities in the region. Forewords of our publications, as well as support to the project, were written by the following renowned individuals from the region:

  • Prof Dr Cedomir Ljubojevic – Director of MBS Belgrade
  • PhD Dobrosav Radovanovic – University for Business studies Banja Luka
  • Zika Nikolic – journalist and editor of the cult TV show “Zikina Sarenica” RTS
  • Roman Veras – Slovenian Chamber of Commerce
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Compliments and Comments

  • I am very glad as a journalist to see this idea developing in practice. I think that the economy is a real route for connection of people, ideas and upgrading. I wish you a success,
    Živorad - Žika Nikolić
    RTS - Director of the TV show Žikina Šarenica
  • I consider this Project as valuable for a wide group of entrepreneurs, local government bodies and institutions and I am glad that you succeeded in gathering of significant number of partners and participants in the Project.
    Zlatan Fröhlich
    Chamber of Commerce Zagreb - President
  • As producers of specific articles of business accessories (organizers, books bond in covers made of wood of the walnut) we got new buyers from B&H and Slovenia.
    Saša Markišić
    Camaro Eurocommerce d.o.o. - Director
  • With further development of the project “Business partners”, I expect that the business activity I am dealing with, will follow the path of prosperity and development.
    dr Aleksandar Brkić
    NTA dental office - Founder and owner