Why invest in the Republic of Srpska
15. February 2016.
Foreword to business catalogue 2017 / 2018 – Mr Siniša Milić
10. October 2017.

Foreword to business catalogue 2016 / 2017 – Mr Milan J. Mihajlović

And when we think that some things change slowly and that everything is the same, “Business partners …” are processing us with a new catalog. As the children rejoice in gifts under the tree, we adults, business people, we look forward to this new catalog, which encourages us to start in New Year and new ventures stronger, wiser, more complex, with more hope and elan.
The market competition lasts continuously, as well as the rivers that connect us. Some players are better off, some are worse, but everyone agrees that the terrain must be large, overviewed, nicely decorated, and the game has to be fair. Such a field is “Business Partners …”
Many businessmen from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia have recognized this, and for several years now they have been working through the Catalog and the web portal www.poslovnipartneri.com. They cooperate and show that there are people with good ideas in this region, businessmen who are able to make an excellent result for their organization, their country, for the entire region …
We can not influence global and European economic trends, disturbances and crises, but we feel the consequences of the first. So we need to work together to alleviate these consequences, eliminate negative phenomena and improve good things. Good cooperation creates a chance to perform together on the European and world markets.
If you dream of a more successful and a better future, when you wake up, instead of into the wreck, turn to the catalog “Business partners …”
And let the whole day be on your desk, at your fingertips, because of a businessman dreams and when he is awake.
Mr. Milan J. Mihajlović
Expert consultant of “Inndex” project for SRB and BIH

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