1. January 2013.

Foreword to business catalogue 2012 / 2013

By dissolution of Yugoslavia its members became independent and got a possibility to decide independently on their destiny, but also, as turned out later on, a headache. Some of them managed better than other; Slovenia is a member of European Union for several years while Croatia will become a member […]
22. December 2011.

Foreword to Business Catalogue 2011 / 2012

At the beginning of new millennium, globalization is phenomena which dramatically identifies a spirit of time and significantly shapes a policy, economy and global social life, although unevenly and with different consequences. Expansion of the market over all planet, piling of wealth in small number of countries with disproportion between […]
18. November 2011.

Business partners – project as a full barn

Former republics of Yugoslavia. Countries of West Balkan. Countries of the region. What are we? One country is in European Union, one is on its doorstep, other on the way but all of them in one Catalogue. Rifles had to become silent and let sanity to talk and some other […]
27. September 2011.

Our clients write, SIGNUM BIH

SIGNUM – Comprehensive producer of advertisements We are proud that we can offer you a complete solution – from design and idea to assembled product in accordance with your trade mark. We make and assemble all possible types of advertisements. We produce city lights, classic neon lights and double-faced fluorescent […]
7. June 2011.

Regional cooperation in the field of radiology

Recent events in Japan, devastating earthquake accompanied by heavy tsunami, present a natural catastrophy with consequences of immeasurable range. Among other, there was an enormous discharge of radioactive material from damaged reactors in nuclear power plant in Fukushima into environment. Of course that this event attracted an attention of global […]
22. May 2011.

Luxury or need?

Internet today offers many information on products, services and companies dealing with various business activities interesting for us. It seemed ideal to be able to “google” certain expression, and very fast obtain many information and offers. Then always some problem appears, the problem that we, dealing with domestic and foreign […]
20. May 2011.

Spa Rusanda

Spa Rusanda develops its touristic offer through various contents of active vacation. During the summer months Spa Rusanda organizes to its guest and visitors shows of tamburitza orchestra, theatrical performance, shows of Folk Grups. Instituion was famous upon rehabilitaiton of severely sick persons while today has developed touristic –recreative programs, […]
31. March 2011.

Our clients write, Saša Markišić

As a satisfied user of your services I would like to write something nice, of course. At the time we were visited by your representatives and they offered us to present our company in the Catalogue, I thoughts, here is one of many useless catalogues. I have to admit that […]
24. March 2011.

Comment by Zika Nikolic

I am very glad as a journalist to see this idea developing in practice. I think that the economy is a real route for connection of people, ideas and upgrading. I wish you a success, Žika Nikolić, director of the TV show Žikina Šarenica on RTS
9. March 2011.

Boban Mančev about the Catalogue

Each time bears its specificities. Operations of the company absolutely depend on time in which the company works. Marketing in promotion of products and services is increasingly needed and specific! New time or new circumstances respectively, brought to changes in advertisement channels. Namely, 20 years ago we had only 2-3 […]
8. March 2011.

Our clients write, dr. Aleksandar Brkić

As satisfied user of already second issue of the Business Catalogue I wished and wanted to state myself in this way. After years of dividing, primarily markets, here is again an economic need for connection of business entities from the territory of former state community. Time has shown that new […]