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8. May 2014.
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Brabo roof windows for global market


Brabo started with operation and technical-technological preparation in 1988. In selection of program, among other, the roof window was selected due to variety of its preparation. The ideas primarily was to make a products which is by its property a complex, and the challenge was the fact that the roof windows were 100% imported item from technically-developed countries. After two years of preparation for such program, in 1990, Brabo started manufacturing and already in 1991 the first Brabo roof window accessed the market. Since 1998 Brabo continues to exist as a company for exclusive production of roof windows led by Mr. Agapije Bojovic. This arose quality of our products to higher level.

Today, Brabo is serious, industrialized, technically competitive and recognizable company for its standards. Development processes in the company are established on technologically newest generation. Manufacturing program is supported by three technologically fully different and separated lines (metal works, carpentry and fitting line), integrated into the product at very beginning and at the end – roof window of high quality. Brabo range of products is defined by buyers the request of whom were taken into consideration at product design. Observing these needs, Brabo created Euroline models of roof windows, available in several series.

This program as offered on the market, requires highly skilled personnel which has a high level of technical knowledge and years-long experience providing specificities in relation to standard knowledge and experience. Brabo Company has 40% of highly educated employees who puts the manufacturing on higher level and presents serious company in relation to other manufacturing companies of this kind. Employees in Brabo are present in all stages of production and harmonized to achieve final result achieved by them personally. According to mentioned strategy, Brabo strives that employees spend as much as possible time in the field to comprehend practical application and possibilities of roof windows.

At the end I would like to thank to people engaged in implementation of the project BUSINESS PARTNERS on years-long successful cooperation.

Agapije Bojović – Manager Brabo d.o.o.
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