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24. November 2014.
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INNDEX – browser for smart phones for cities of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina


Company EuroComp Computer Systems AB from Gothenburg, Sweden, together with partner company from Belgrade, Inndex Media d.o.o., implements project of Balkans browser INNDEX, designed for smart phones and tablets, for cities and municipalities of Srbia and BiH (RS and Federation).

We implement this great project in stages by upload of individual android applications for cities and municipalities in Serbia and BiH in Google Play Store, as well as by upload of sub-domains for each city or municipality (the part of INNDEX browser for devices with no android basis) within a web portal, so that services of our browser could be used by all types of smart phones and tablets irrespective to the platform they work on.

Browser system enables presentation of all business entities, institutions in the field of culture and education, public and state-owned enterprises, local government bodies, health institutions, touristic companies, by groups (municipal government, accommodation, catering, shopping, medical services, face and body treatment, culture and education and companies) and by corresponding sub-groups organized in browser menu. Data on our clients may be published in two languages, English and Serbian (Bosnian or Croatian) language. Size of data (text, photos and contact information) on each and every client is not limited within the menu of the Inndex browser.

This global trend to get citizens, tourists and business people informed and be able to shop, do their business activities by smart phones, we transfer to Serbia and BiH. The number of smart phones used by our citizens is enormous and this number is increasing day after day.

Scope and importance of this project is proved by the fact that the largest private university in Serbia integrated this project in its practice for all 11 000 students enrolled with this university and who work on its presentation and promotion. State School of Economics in Bijeljina is involved in this project under the same principle. The plan is to involve students of other universities in entire BiH which express an interest for such cooperation.

Face and promoter of this project is our famous journalist Živorad – Žika Nikolić, director and host of famous TV show “Žikina Šarenica” RTS.

At the moment, INNDEX browser (data entry) for following cities is under implementation: Belgrade (Browsers will be uploaded for each municipality individually), Bijeljina, Brcko District, Samac, Ugljevik and Lopare.

At developing of INNDEX browser in Serbia and BiH we planned certain grants for cities and municipalities which want to be the part of this system and which are not FOR SOME REASONS financially capable to bear all costs required for realization of the Inndex for their town or municipality. Up to date we provided grants for following municipalities: Lopare, Ugljevik, Samac and Modrica.

Eng. Cviko Bešlić
CEO EuroComp Computer Systems AB Gothenburg, Sweden

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