7. December 2018.


Antunovic TA d.o.o. was established in 1968. The companys main activities are catering and oil wholesale and retail. The company owns four hotels located in four centres – in Brcko, Orasje (BiH), Sesvetski Kraljevac and Zagreb (Croatia). Within each centre there are gas stations and there is also one more […]
7. December 2018.


The Antic family from Brcko started its business back in 2005 with the company Zeljo Comerce d.o.o. whose main business activity is trading with construction materials. Successful business resulted in 2011 in start of construction of its own building on a very attractive location in Brcko. During 2012 the construction […]
7. December 2018.


Aparthotel Vučko is situated in the heart of the Olympic Centre Jahorina, at 1520 m above sea level. A modern road connects it with Sarajevo, only 28 km away. Aparthotel offers 45 apartments between 30 and 60 m2, equipped under the principle of intelligent technology of stay and service use. […]
7. December 2018.


Among the many cafes in Brcko, at Gastro Center you can escape from the everyday noise. Located in a very quiet location, the café is the perfect choice for those who want to drink your morning or afternoon coffee in pleasant surroundings and an intimate atmosphere, in the company of […]
7. December 2018.


Semberian Spa Beauty-Dvorovi Situated in the north-eastern part of Republic of Srpska, Dvorovi Spa is between rivers Sava and Drina and roads which leads trough Rača and Pavlovićs bridge to Bijeljina, and further on to Banja Luka and Istočno Sarajevo. With the tame od Serbija, beautiful parks, swimming pools, comfortable […]
16. January 2017.


Cavkunovic Company had emerged from transformation of CAVKUNOVIC doo and took over the oil sector. Import of derivates is carried out through the partnership with EU countries which guarantees European quality. Target market is Una-Sana Canton with seat in Bihac, BiH. We have a chain of gas stations in area […]
30. December 2016.


Situated at the very heart of Banja Koviljaca, the specialized rehabilitation hospital of the same name is among Europes state-of-the-art rehabilitation centers. This elite healthcare institution dedicated to prevention, healing and rehabilitation, owing to decades of experience, has succeeded in bringing together the treasures of traditional, natural methods of treatment […]
12. December 2016.


Tamo gde se stišava gradska vreva i u vazduhu sve više razaznaje miris prirode i zelenila između Save i zavetrine obližnje šume, nalazi se Hotel Medno. Izuzetan položaj Hotela predstavlja nekakav most koji povezuje Ljubljanu i Kranj. Od aerodroma “Jože Pučnik” udaljen je samo 15 km.  
12. December 2016.


Centar grada, 198 standard i superior soba, hotelski restaurant park i spark bar sa gastronomskom ponudom, kongresna sala, najviši kvalitet usluga.
8. November 2016.


Srpski hotel usred Ljubljane.  
3. October 2016.


HOTEL EUROPA 5* Built in 1882, at the crossroads of the Oriental and modern style, Hotel Europe is imbued with the best attributes of both worlds. Positioned in the heart of the Sarajevo city, just a few steps away from the tourist Old Town core, this Austro-Hungarian building with its […]
3. October 2016.


Everlasting value of all purpose quality Hotel “Hollywood” Sarajevo, is one of the eminent hotel in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located in the center of Ilidza, a green oasis of Sarajevo international Airport. Beside of “Hollywoosd” Hotel are the city main traffic terminal and spring of Bosnia River – an exceptional […]
3. October 2016.


Hotel “Jelena” has 43 modern rooms, single, double and suites. All accommodation units meet the different needs of the guests and fit into the modern standards of the world hotel industry. Numerous services and amenities that have become the standard of modern hotel management ensure a pleasant and carefree stay […]
3. October 2016.


Hotel Park is 8 km away from the center of the city. It was built in 1984 and after 1996 it was constantly adapted with regular content in order for our guests to enjoy only the best within an oasis of green and peace. We very are proud to offer […]
26. September 2016.


BIGGEST MARKET IN BALKANS Arizona Market is located on the ideal geographical location, not far from border with Serbia and Croatia, 15 km west from Brcko, on motorway Orasje – Tuzla. Due to the specific status of Brcko, which is organized as a decentralized local community – District, with its […]