7. December 2018.
7. December 2018.


Semberian Spa Beauty-Dvorovi

Situated in the north-eastern part of Republic of Srpska, Dvorovi Spa is between rivers Sava and Drina and roads which leads trough Rača and Pavlovićs bridge to Bijeljina, and further on to Banja Luka and Istočno Sarajevo. With the tame od Serbija, beautiful parks, swimming pools, comfortable Sveti Stefan Hotel, and before all with the hospitality of its host the Spa is a real place dor rest, prevention and treatment od various kinds of disaes. In the modern equiped medical block, by supervisionof top experts and medical thermo- mineral water, there is a successful treatment of rheumatism, chronic gyneco-logical diseases, rehabilitation od post rheumatic stage of extremiries, psoriasis, some kinds ofeccems, diabetes, mildmeuralgia and chronic gastritis. Beside these the guests can use the indoor swimming pool, all kinds of messages, inhalation and accupuncture. For the recreation guests and spot teams there are the playgrounds for handball, volleyball, tennis. The olimpic pooland two smaller pools and the same number of swimming pool for children with different water temperature, as the pools are thermal (75c), wich cooled down to the desired temperature. Sveti Stefan Hotel has 42 double and triple rooms and two apartments of high category. The Hotel is special in winter too, because is tje water is warmer as well as the whole Spa. The excellent chefs and kindly personnel will welcome you in the great restaurant of the Hotel (400 seats) as well as in the Izvor, followed by folk music orchestra.

We’re dealing with:

  • diseases of the locomotor apparatus caused by degenerative rheumatism
  • diseases of the locomotor apparatus caused by inflammatory rheumatism
  • posttraumatic conditions after conservative surgical treatment
  • posttraumatic conditions after surgical surgical treatment
  • conditions after the operation of the disc herniation at one or more levels
  • diseases of peripheral nerves
  • damage to the peripheral motor neuron after illness or posttraumatic conditions
  • damage to the central motor neuron after neurological diseases
  • damage to the central motor neuron after posttraumatic conditions
  • damage to the central motor neuron after stroke
  • and inborn and acquired deformities of locomotor apparatus in children




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