7. December 2018.
7. December 2018.


Antunovic TA d.o.o. was established in 1968. The companys main activities are catering and oil wholesale and retail. The company owns four hotels located in four centres – in Brcko, Orasje (BiH), Sesvetski Kraljevac and Zagreb (Croatia). Within each centre there are gas stations and there is also one more gas station in Bosanski Samac.

The main development strategy of the Antunovic TA d.o.o. is continuous development in order to meet needs of the customers and clients and to adapt to ever-changing technology and market.

The company follows market trends and technological development and offers the best quality products that are in line with European and world standards, competitive at international market. Our clients emphasize professionalism and reliability of our oil retail service. With our new and regularly maintained trucks, our customers can relay on timely delivery within all deadlines. Every year our distribution centre is expanding in line with development of our company, which has been stable and constantly growing since 1968.

Within the gas stations there are car wash services, coffee shops, mini markets and restaurants. The fuel is tested and prepared for European market, thus the quality or our products is guaranteed.

Our policy is quality of products and satisfaction of our customers which made us one of the leading local companies, with reputation and understanding of ever changing demands of the oil and oil derivates market.


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