20. September 2016.
20. September 2016.


Dragan Milivojevic – Pale, Bachelor of Arts in Art History, on February 12, 1990 opened the Atelier “Pale” under this name and sign, where he unified the sales and the activity of framing of art. The Atelier “Pale” is equipped with state of the art atelier for framing of paintings, which operates under highest global standards. The offer includes great number of Italian, Czech and domestic frames in over 450 versions. The atelier in its offer also has great selection of cardboard (acid-free), plush and linen Passe-Partouts in over 130 shades. On the “Pale” gallery you can find at any given moment original, antique frames and mirrors. The “Pale” gallery cooperates with well know cultural institutions and galleries in the surroundings. Also, the gallery deals with purchasing and sale of art of the academic authors from territory of former Yugoslavia.

At the end of 2008, the Atelier “Pale” expanded its operations to transport and packaging of the art, museum exhibits, furniture, antiques, medical equipment etc. This department operates by example of leading European companies in this field, and it is divided in following sections:

  1. Transport – services of road, air and ship transport
  2. Packaging – making of various, custom made transport packaging, wooden crates and containers
  3. Logistics – obtaining of necessary documentation and customs services



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