30. December 2016.
26. December 2019.


Arena Cineplex was completely renovated in 2010 in accordance with the latest international standards. Reconstruction and adaptation of the old cinema space was obtained for the first multiplex in Vojvodina, with six superbly equipped rooms with a total capacity of almost 1,000 seats as well as two restaurants – Cinema and The End cafe.

In addition to regular film repertoire, Arena Cineplex organized gala premieres of domestic films as well as festivals FEST, Cinema City, Cinemania and Kids Fest. An important segment of our offer also includes the opportunity to purchase concessions (popcorn, nachos and a variety of non-alcoholic drinks) that the audience can consume during the screenings.

Cinema is located near the high-frequency parts of the city such as Liberty Square, Danube Park and Zmaj Jovina street. Arena Cineplex is located close to many lines of urban and suburban transport, as citizens of Novi Sad and the surrounding area provides a quick and inexpensive arrival to the movies. In front of the theater and in its surroundings there are public parking area, and in close proximity of several organized parking lots, which facilitates the arrival of visitors who opt for their own transport.

Image quality

The halls are equipped with premium digital technology for 2D and 3D projections. Arena Cineplex is unique in that it possesses the fastest DepthQ 3D polarization modulators. In combination with our Harkness SilverScreen canvases, Christie and Barco (Barco DP-32B 4K) digital projectors, DepthQ achieved absolutely stunning color reproduction, and the most convincing impression of the third dimension, without straining your eyes!

Sound quality

State of the art Dolby Digital Surround EX sound processors, combined with JBL sound system, professionally optimized to provide the audience a new level of sound. Not only will you watch the film, you’ll be thoroughly familiar with the action on screen!

Complete comfort

Our offices offer the highest level of cinematic comfort and perfect view of the screen. Gradually distributed Destro seats high class, with optimal spacing between the rows of 1.20m, allow unhindered passage to your place and also provide a full, unobstructed view of the cinema screen, so you can fully enjoy the movie wherever you are in the hall.



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