14. September 2016.
19. September 2016.


Sahmatik (Šahmatik) is a company founded in 1977 in a town of Stara Pazova. In the timespan of founding to this day the company has constantly expanded and with perpetual productivity and personel expansion Šahmatik has the image of a succesfull and efficient firm.

Today we provide emploiment over 60 people and our production capacities alow us to work in three shifts a day. We posses 50 machines used mainly for injection exturing and shaping of plastic materials and with over 350 of our own tools we are able to make 300 different products. Today our annual capacities of processed PP, PE and other granules and materials are 2000 tons. Our processing areas with storage departments measure about 7000m2.

We are the largest corporate entity of this kind in this part of Europe when measured by the production capacities, number of machines and tools and the number of employees.

Šahmatik from Stara Pazova is a responsible company that invites foreign and domestic investors that are interested in doing business in the fore mentioned subjects (production, sales, joined investments …).


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