21. September 2016.
30. December 2016.


BRABO d.o.o. is dealing with production and installation of roof windows for twenty years. Our team is consisted of twenty experts who are responsible for each detail of our roof window.

BRABO roof windows make your living space richer, more comfortable and brighter. BRABO roof windows will lighten up your space and according to our twenty years of experience and experiences of our customers, your loft will become your favorite place in the home. Our windows contribute to more quality and comfortable living.

BRABO roof windows offer full comfort in handling. More light, air and easy maintenance as well as unlimited number of positions are just some of the characteristics of BRABO windows.

Our main characteristics are quality, durability and reliability, and therefore we have achieved what we wanted, to meet the requests of our buyers and partners.

In our offer, we have three lines of BRABO windows:

  • BRABO EURO-LINE natural
  • BRABO EURO-LINE special

BRABO EURO-LINE white and special also have additional advantages – they are made according to the desires of the buyers/designers:

  • making of windows with requested dimensions
  • making of windows with white coating or as desired by buyer
  • making of windows out of copper sheets
  • making of windows out of plasticized steel sheets

BRABO in its standard offer, depending on the method for window opening, also offers some additional possibilities:

  1. Roof window with opening at upper point. The casement opens outwards up to 35 degrees, so it does not take any internal space. The casement can be fixed in the desired position.
  2. Roof doors. The casement can open on one of the sides by 90 degrees and it can be fixed in that position, so the opening can be used for exiting to the roof.

BRABO roof windows are many times over better solution compared to various roof coverings. The lining (lining sheet metal) is adjusted to the type and method of installation in various roof covers. BRABO lining is excellent connection between roof and window.

BRABO roof windows have 5 years warranty. BRABO provides professional installation, free advice and maintenance with original spare parts.

BRABO EURO-LINE roof windows are made of natural materials with high quality technical characteristics:

  • rotation at central point – casement may be turned by 180 degrees around horizontal axis what enables fixing of casement in desired position and safe washing from the outside
  • wooden base (internal parts of the roof windows are made of highest quality laminated pinewood)
  • coatings are wooden parts are water based acrylic (impregnate and two coats of finishing varnish)
  • plasticized aluminum handle
  • heat insulating glass “flot” 4+16+4 mm or as wanted by the client
  • 5 different types of sealing rubber
  • external part of the roof window is made of plasticized aluminum sheets (“chocolate” color) same as the lining which makes the connection with the window
  • 11 standard window dimensions




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