28. September 2016.
28. September 2016.


The Public Utility Company “Komunalno Brčko” is founded by The Brcko District of BiH Assembly in 2007. The Company started to work on January 1. 2008. and provides services to 93.000 citizens that live on the territory of the Brcko District of BiH. The company is classified and registered as a large enterprise and it employs 450 people.

The utility services provided by the company are:

  • distribution, supply and trade of electricity, including maintenance of public lighting
  • water production and water distribution
  • maintenance of public hygiene and public green spaces
  • collection, transportation and disposal of municipal waste (garbage) and maintenance of solid waste landfill.

Services are provided through four divisions:

  • Division for distribution of electric power,
  • Water and waste water division,
  • Sanitary division and
  • Administration.

Electricity – The length of power grid managed by the company is 1.960 km and the total number of individual customers connected to this grid is 35.800. The network consists of eight MV/MV distribution substations  (35/10 kV), 476 MV/LV transformer stations (10(20)/0,4 kV), and the system of approximately 20.000 street lighting fixture which is 650 km long as well as other electric power supply facilities. The company delivers approximately per year 217 GWh of electricity.

Water supply – The company manages Water plant with a capacity of 330 l/s, with water intake from the Sava river basin, and the wells system which was used prior to 2010 to supply The Brcko District as well as several other local water supply networks managed by the company is 500 km and it provides water delivery to approximately  19.900 customers. The company maintenance also 200 km sewerage network.

Waste – The company provides collection service, removal and controlled disposal of waste 22.200 customers (i.e. legal entities and individuals) five days per week. Garbage waste disposal per year is 20.000 t garbage. At the same time, the company maintenance approximately 2,5 million m² public green spaces.

In addition to basic, the company can provide services such as construction water supply and electricity network, water delivery, maintenance of gardens, waste collection out of the plan and other services.

The director is Mirsad Djapo.


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