28. September 2016.
3. October 2016.


INTERINOX is the perfect partner for stairs, railings and furniture.

When furnishing your home, business premises or yard know that you have a permanent solution which only we offer. The smartest and most effective solutions for staircases from design to assembly.

The largest selection of stairs, balcony railings contemporary design and cutting-edge processing will make your living and working space safer, more comfortable and more beautiful. Let individualized custom-made furniture of your taste and needs will contribute an additional atmosphere of life. Our products have long since found their place in the meat, dairy and chemical processing which shows that stainless steel takes place in almost every area of ​​life.

Our products are undoubtedly the character and style that is widely recognized and appreciated, as demonstrated by numerous references in the narrow and wider environment and the company’s presence in many segments.

On our way we follow the principles of quality, accuracy and lasting solutions.

Recognize us.



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