Foreword to Business Catalogue 2018 / 2019
3. September 2018.


We wish to inform our clients, business partners and the business community that we have launched a new media under the name of the BUSINESS PARTNERS TV.

As a part of the expansion and further development of the project “The Business Partners from Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia”, we launched a separate YouTube channel Business Partners Television. With this video channel, we allow our customers to better present themselves and their business through different video formats (TV reportage, corporate movies, etc.)

The BUSINESS PARTNERS TV has technical and personnel capabilities to offer to our new and old customers, business partners, recording and production services in form of various video formats at very competitive prices. Likewise, we give our clients the opportunity to present their already made corporate movies and other video formats about their business, products or services at the BUSINESS PARTNERS TV.

In such a way, we have completed the “media circle” (printed catalogs, web portal, Facebook page, and the Business Partners TV) enabling our clients, business partners, to have a higher quality of presentation and promotion of their goods or services on all four types of media to achieve their better placement in the region and Europe.

We invite our clients, business partners, who already use our services, as well as new clients, prospective business partners, to address us and present their business on our new media the BUSINESS PARTNER TV.


The editorial office of the BUSINESS PARTNERS TV

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