Foreword to Business Catalogue 2011 / 2012
22. December 2011.
Investors Guide – Brcko District Government
10. October 2013.

Foreword to business catalogue 2012 / 2013


By dissolution of Yugoslavia its members became independent and got a possibility to decide independently on their destiny, but also, as turned out later on, a headache.

Some of them managed better than other; Slovenia is a member of European Union for several years while Croatia will become a member in summer. Other countries are making all efforts to pass that way and all of them are trying to overcome own weaknesses and negative effects of global economic crisis which has been lasting for several years.

It was necessary to survive wars then transition and now, these states have to fight against a dragon known as economic crisis. Permanent struggling against the fall of production, trade deficit, lack of investments and unemployment forces business entities in all countries in South-East Europe to find new solutions, enter into new markets and refresh old ones.

Business Catalogue which has been supporting them in their efforts for several years, is creatively designed and exclusively fitted, with a great success connects companies from Slovenia, BiH and Serbia. The Catalogue is followed by website with a great number of visits every day.

There is a place for everybody; for all companies, small and mid size companies, entrepreneurs and for public institutions.

Only real values survive in dynamic and volatile environment. This depends on other factors, but, undoubtedly, quality of products or services is on the first place.

Catalogue „Business partners“, in this turbulent era, shows that proved quality and new freshness keeps old but also attracts new users.

All these Partners, as one big family, are gathered for the purpose of survival and prosperity, individually and all together.

I strongly believe that this project will last for a long time and that catalogue “Business partners” will not collect a dust on shelves but they will have an honorable place on your work desks.

In this belief, I sincerely welcome all participants and users of the newest issue and I wish you a success in your business activities and common cooperation.

Prof. dr. Čedomir Ljubojević
Principal of Modern Business School, Belgrade

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